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A media center positioned to support the information technology needs of evangelism for the continent of Asia, particularly in the 10/40 Window, using digital media

  • Digital media in all of its forms is proven to be the most efficient way to reach the masses of people who do not have access to traditional means of delivering the Gospel.
  • Millions of towns and villages (in Thailand for instance) have no Christian presence or influence
  1. Geographic isolation or distance
  2. Language barriers
  3. Illiteracy and lack of resources
  4. Lack of access to the Gospel or contact with those who may deliver it
  5. Lack of interest in reading literature or attending Christian religious services
  6. Lack of television programming and other media resources in the languages and cultures of the people
  7. Prejudice to Christians
  8. Socio-political barriers to obtaining access to the Gospel
  9. Cultural and traditional barriers
  10. Lack of support for foreign missions
  11. Competition with secular media
  12. Lack of a training hub for media evangelism

The All Asia Studio plays a key role in fulfilling the Great Commission in the Continent of Asia


Development, production, logistics, and distribution of media evangelism content in the languages and context of the people living in Asia, as fast and as wide as possible. Satellite broadcasting seems to be the premier way to broadcast the Gospel over the 10/40 window from one launching pad to a vast audience, and into the millions of towns and villages spread out across the continent of Asia.

  • Mass-distribution of the Gospel through the following avenues:
  • DVD’s hand-delivered by Bible Workers (the “ground forces”)
  • Cable television via local markets (support of the “ground forces”)
  • Local television channels (support of the “ground forces”)
  • Optional satellite broadcasting via the ABS1 Satellite with a footprint over much of the 10/40 window (
  • Optional satellite broadcasting via HCBN Indonesia with a footprint over Thailand (
  • Other means as God opens the doors of opportunity

A regional media center provides an anchor for the effective delivery of the Gospel


With the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, to develop and produce media in the languages of Asia with the wonderful message of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that they might be prepared for the Earth’s final events and to stand before Christ at His Second Coming.

  • Short Term Goals
    1. DVD’s
      To produce Christian DVD’s and thereby create a DVD Database/Library which will serve the greater population of Asia. We wish to make all our DVD’s available free of charge, believing that Christ will provide the means in order to sustain the studio and its production needs. We believe that the only reason for copyrighting the content of our materials would be to stop any person(s) or organization from using any of our materials for their own financial gain, therefore we prohibit any sale of any of our materials. However we do encourage people/organizations to make use of our library and web site where this material will be made freely available for download or reproduction, provided such material is not re-sold.
    2. Written Material
      To produce written material freely, so as to make it available for everyone. In order to do this we realize that there is a desperate need for us to have our own printing press in Thailand. This will noticeably reduce the cost of production, and enable a widespread distribution of religious written material. We will offer all such printed material, available freely for download on our web site.
  • Medium Term Goals
    1. To provide “live-stream” content of all our DVD’s and other works through our web site.
    2. To establish a local or satellite uplink station whereby all our video footage along with footage from other sources, may be made available free of charge for our viewers.
  • Long Term Goal
    • To have our own Television Channel in Thailand, whereby we can broadcast the gospel 24/7.
  • The studio is in production with two local Thai staff and two volunteers
  • The Bair Family is volunteering at the media center to provide technical expertise and direction
  • Financial support for the Bair family who is volunteering at the studio
  • Financial support for local Thai staff who are working at the studio
  • 3 HD Camera’s (Sony PMW 200’s) with cases and tripods
  • Volunteers with media production skills
  • Volunteers willing to learn media production
  • Resources converted to supporting the media center and its goals
  1. Prayerfully ASK GOD HOW you may support the media center
  2. Recognize and INVEST YOUR TALENTS AND RESOURCES as God’s possessions
  3. Choose to DEDICATE YOUR LIFE to fulfilling the Great Commission
  4. BE WILLING to
    • GO where God wants you to go
    • BE what God wants you to be
    • DO what God wants you to do
    • GIVE what God wants you to give

The following countries and their populations are covered by the ABS-1 Satellite:

Afghanistan 32,358,000
Albania 2,831,740
Andorra 85,010
Azerbaijan 9,111,100
Bahrain 1,234,570
Bangladesh 142,319,000
Bhutan 708,260
Bosnia 3,843,120
Brunei 422,700
Bulgaria 7,364,570
Cambodia 13,395,680
China Mainland 1,339,724,850
China Hong Kong 7,108,100
China Macau 560,100
China Taiwan 23,214,620
Croatia 4,290,610
Cyprus 838,890
Djibouti 906,000
East Timor 1,124,350
Egypt 81,332,000
Eritrea 5,415,000
Ethiopia 82,101,990
Georgia 4,469,200
Greece 10,787,690
Hungary 9,985,720
Iran 75,970,000
Iraq 32,105,000
Israel 7,836,000
Italy 60,483,520
Japan 127,760,000
Jordan 6,249,900
Kazakhstan 16,615,000
Kosovo 1,733, 870
Kyrgyzstan 5,477,600
Laos 6,348,800
Lebanon 4,259,000
Macedonia 2,057,280
Malta 417,610
Moldova 3,560,400
Monaco 35,880
Mongolia 2,736,800
Myanmar 48,337,000
Nepal 26,620,800
North Korea 24,052,230
Oman 2,773,470
Pakistan 178,261,000
Palestine 4,168,850
Philippines 94,013,200
Qatar 1,699,430
Romania 21,436,000
San Marino 32,090
Saudi Arabia 27,136,970
Serbia 7,120,660
Singapore 5,183,700
Slovakia 5,437,120
Slovenia 2,055,840
Somalia 9,557,000
South Korea48,580,000
Sri Lanka 20,653,000
Sudan 30,894,000
Syria 21,380,000
Tajikistan 7,616,000
Thailand 69,519,000
Turkey 73,722,980
Turkmenistan 5,105,000
Ukraine 45,668,020
United Arab Emirates 8,264,070
Uzbekistan 28,000,000
Vatican City 800
Vietnam 85,846,990
Yemen 23,833,000

Parts of Austria, Czech Republic, France, Libya, Poland, Russia, Spain, Tunisia
Total Population Covered: Approximately 5 Billion
Total World Population: Over 7 Billion
Percentage Covered by this satellite: 60%
[Source: Wikipedia, January 2012]

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